A Magical Ring di Ovidiu Bufnila

Vincitore di:

I remember perfectly , my face vanished right in the middle of the summer. 
Instead, paradoxically, we still could eat and drink. We even could wander on the streets. Some of us made love , even twice a week. One morning, told myself that all this happened because of some magnetical disturbances. 
I don't know who explained , very clearly indeed, that informational spheres have been changed by the Supreme Court. That would have meant that all the top secret codes have been thrown away in the litter. Then , the phones 
stopped ringing. It stopped raining, and the august storm was still expected. Then , some disappeared. I couldn't say for sure which of us. 
Then, we heard a rumour. The rumour that we haven't even existed and that we have been just a thought. I remember the people in the government didn't take any precaution measure. The Parliament has been dissolved and they said 
a revolution would burst out. I remember I didn't even care and I promissed every one that, the moment I hear great bustle in the market, I would gently lock myself in the house and I would sleep like a log. Then, one day, the 
magicians came. They were no beings , they were a vapour. The Existential Vapour. For a while, It leaked behind the house's walls trying to spy on us. 
In the nightfall, they sneaked in and they overheard us. They could turn into any shape. One told me they got out of the old mines, somebody else said that, on the contratry, they descended directly from the Moon.One of the magicians stopped me in the street. He told me:
"You saw the ring, didn't you?!"
"I saw It!", I boasted , foolish me.
"You're the only one seeing it, true?!"
"You said it!", I bragged.
An he laid a heavy starry mantle on my shoulders . And he gave me a book full of secret codes.
"You'll be the master of the ring", he told me and he vanished in a cloud. 
This happened one thousand years ago, and I didn't come to from the bewilderment, yet.

Translated by Ioana Bostan